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Testimonials and Referrals from families for Nest Newborn Family Care and Heidi Ripplinger Postpartum Doula for Newborn babies in the Twin cities Minnesota

Meghan, Jesse & baby H

"As a new mom I was beyond nervous. I felt overwhelmed and scared to I was going to do it all wrong. In stepped Heidi and calmed down our whole house. Her reassuring and kindhearted presence helped me in so many different ways at a time when I needed it the most. She helped me gain confidence in what I was doing and to trust myself. She made sure I had a meal and always made sure my water was full when taking care of myself was the last thing on my mind. Having her help was the very best thing I did postpartum and having her help and support was truly worth every single penny. I can never thank her enough for her help and support. I would absolutely recommend her all day, every day to anyone who was considering a postpartum doula, actually I’d recommend her to any new parents who have never even heard of a postpartum doula."

Chloe, Wolfgang & baby V

"Our family received one of life's best gifts when we met Heidi.  For me specifically as a first time mama and an analyst by trade, I had a lot of questions.  Since babies don't come with a how-to step by step I had a hard time dealing with the unknown and the "maybe this, maybe try that" regardless of how prepared I thought I was.  Heidi was with me every step of the way, even when she wasn't physically there.  Having someone with such a calm, non-judgemental and supportive personality helped me through some of my lowest lows (as well as some incredible highs together).  From rearranging our nursery 5 times, to making sure I was physically taken care of post-birth, to encouraging my partner to see the signs I needed help, she didn't miss a beat.  I personally needed a lot of reassurance but Heidi never told me what to do.  Decisions were made by arming ourselves with the "data" and coming to an agreement based on my comfort level.  One of the more critical moments was when Heidi helped me recognize my mental health was suffering - signs I was ignoring trying to manage it all.  By addressing that need, it turned the entire experience around so I could be more present and truly find some peace amidst the chaos. On top of helping me navigate newborn land, Heidi was everywhere else in any spare moment she had.  She never left our house without making sure we were stocked and ready to tackle the next obstacle.  Whether it was laundry, whipping up a lunch or washing all of my pump parts she made such a difference even in the smallest ways.

Riley Jones

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