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  • What is a Postpartum Doula?
    MamaNatural puts it perfectly.."A postpartum doula is a particularly invaluable companion and resource for a new mother, tending to physical and emotional needs in the first few weeks and months after birth. In addition to helping new parents develop confidence with everything from feeding and soothing to bathing and changing a newborn, a postpartum doula is a supportive and affirming presence. Whether you are expecting to give birth, planning to adopt, or have a newborn there with you now, a postpartum doula can offer help if you need it. A postpartum doula is a more longterm solution for new moms. They are also concerned with the wellbeing of the entire family, offering support and assistance to each member of the household." ​Nest Newborn Family Care offers professionally trained, evidence based care for yourself and your newborn during our time together including feeding, rest, diapering (cloth & disposable), skin-to-skin bonding, cord care, safe sleep, baby wearing, and soothing techniques. Additionally, our postpartum doula services include simple household tasks like dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, laundry, bedding changes, meal preparation, snack plates, set up and maintenance of lactation and/or pumping stations complete with drinks, healthy snacks, charging cables, remotes. We can also run errands, care for siblings, and household pets. Most importantly, we will take care of your needs whether that's sharing conversation & a cup of tea, having us hold baby while you nap or take a shower, or taking care of the house so you can enjoy your babymoon with your new sweet little. We celebrate all families and welcome everyone. We honor your feeding choices. All our postpartum services include lactation support, trauma support, patient/birth advocacy, and new parent education at no additional charge.
  • What are your qualifications?
    I'm a certified Postpartum Doula, a certified Lactation Educator Counselor, a trained Birth Trauma Informed Professional, a trained Birth Rights Advocate, a trained New Parent Educator, a Master Herbalist, and trained in CPR and AED. I've worked in the birth field for four years and have had previous postpartum and lactation experience and education reaching as far back as 2006. I love what I do.
  • What can I expect during our time together?
    It's an honor for me to care for you and your family during such a tender time. My goal is to create a nest of calm and security for you so that you have the space needed to heal and bond with your newborn. This looks different for everyone so depending on your needs (and decided by you) shifts are generally three to six hours long with an average of four hours per session. A typical shift could look like this; Me: arrival, 15-30 minute check-in with you, scan the space creating a mental list of what needs to be done (dishes, countertops, trash, recycling, tidy, laundry, meals, food prep). Make sure you have good food and water to drink, perhaps a warm tea or smoothie by your side throughout my visit. You: eat, drink, nap, shower, rest alone or with baby or partner, sit in the sunshine, or go for a relaxing walk. Me: Continued care for you and baby. This could include helping you with baby bath time or tummy time, answering any questions you have, or practice swaddling or soothing baby. It could also include refilling your recovery/nursing/pumping stations, prepping several snack plates. Meal prep future lunch, dinner &/or healthy snacks. Finally, at the end of our day, I refill your water and tea and offer another snack. Take out diaper pail bag, recycling bag and trash bag. Change baby (and feed if applicable). Before I leave I'll check-in with you and your partner and make sure you have everything you need. Then a final scan to make sure all items were checked off my mental list. Leave for the day with your home fresh and tidy, and you and baby rested and content.
  • When are you available?
    My general availability is between the hours of 6:00 am - 10:00 pm, seven days a week, minus major holidays and a few other days during the year. Each shift is on a first come first served basis. Specific availability may change week to week but I do my best to ensure your preferred hours are available to you when you need them. Scheduling our time together can be booked weekly, or on a monthly basis, whichever you prefer. Additionally, I'm available at the end of your pregnancy to help you prepare for baby, then again after baby arrives to assist you with your immediate postpartum and nursing needs while you're still at your birth location, and again while you're waiting to leave I can stop over to your home and make sure there's clean sheets on the bed, a ready-to-eat meal prepared to enjoy, and a tidy house to greet you and your new sweet family. If you're birthing at home I'm available whenever you're ready. Once we begin working together I'm always on hand 24/7 via text for questions, help or support.
  • What are your hourly rates?
    We pride ourselves not only with the quality of our service to you but also our sensitivity to your budget and schedule. Our basic hourly rate begins at $38.00 an hour for singletons. Multiple children, Twins, triplets, special circumstances, and unique requests, ie: family vacations, are set higher and determined on an individual basis. With this in mind we offer several methods of payment as well as accommodate many payment plans that best fit your family's needs. Our methods of payment include; cash, check, credit/debit card, Venmo, PayPal, online and in-person. Our payment plans are flexible and include; full payment at the time of booking, weekly invoicing, biweekly invoicing, or monthly invoicing. After discussing the options together and deciding what works best for you and your family, the dates, initial duration of care and payment details are outlined in our signed agreement which is emailed to you.
  • Illness Protocol + Covid-19
    COVID-19: I am fully vaccinated. If requested, I can wear a clean mask during our visits. When I'm not with you I continue to follow the WHO and/or CDC protocols. ILLNESS PROTOCOL FOR NEST NEWBORN FAMILY CARE: 1) If I'm actively exhibiting signs of a cold, without a fever, I will let you know 12-24 hours in advance empowering you to decide whether or not we'll reschedule our time together. If you're ok with our scheduled time I'm happy to wear a mask. Please let me know so I have one with me. 2) If I'm actively exhibiting signs of the flu, covid, or have a fever higher than 100.4* I will let you know 12-24 hours in advance that we'll need to reschedule our upcoming time together until I am fever free for 24 hours without the use of OTC medication like Tylenol. ILLNESS PROTOCOL FOR FAMILIES: 1) If someone in your household is exhibiting signs of a cold, without a fever, please let me know 12-24 hours in advance so that I can make sure to bring the proper mask with me during our time together. 2) If someone in your home is exhibiting signs of the flu, covid, or has a fever higher than 100.4* and isn't able to isolate themselves, or I'm unable to isolate with the baby, please let me know within 12 hours of our scheduled time together so we can reschedule until after the illness is clear and/or the home has been fever free for 24 hours without the use of OTC medication like Tylenol. *Always consult with your medical care provider if you have health questions or worries.

I want you to feel safe & sure about your postpartum experience These are common questions that may help with your decision. When you're ready, get in touch using the link below. 

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