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Know which nursing position is the best one for us, and if I'm positioning my baby correctly?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, nursing - while one of the most natural behaviors in the world - definitely does NOT come 'naturally' to most of us. There can be a steep learning curve to nursing. You need to take your time, be patient with yourself and your baby, and trust in your body and your intuition. There is always support and help close-by whenever you need it. Breathe. Relax. You got this.

Nursing Positions Demonstrated: Below are several videos that will walk you through the different positions for nursing your baby.

This first video will show you how to position your baby correctly for cradle, cross-cradle, and football hold, as well as offer extremely useful tips for general positioning. What I love most about this video is the clear and concise descriptions it offers, as well as the best latch I've ever seen in a demonstration video. You can see the latch I'm referring to at 7:45, but resist skipping ahead, it's more than worth the ten minutes it'll take to watch the full presentation. The remaining five videos are dedicated to each of the nursing positions listed in the graphic above.

Laid--Back Nursing:

Cross-Cradle Hold:

Football Hold:

Cradle Hold:

Side-Lying Position: 1/2, How to position yourself :

2/2, How to position baby:

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