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Heidi has been an indispensable addition to our family and daily lives. She is kind and patient in everything she does and thanks to her consistent help she has allowed us the ability to keep our goals on track for the past two years. We have had Heidi help us with the transition of a new baby joining the family as well as providing supportive services at home and on the road for multiple school age children. She is an all around superstar caretaker and we will always be grateful for her services!

Ashley & Ryan with Baby R

  onsider for a moment your favorite person has just given birth and is feeling tired, nervous, elated, unsure, sore, in love, and vulnerable. Maybe you're unable to be with them? Maybe you can only be with them for a short time? You want to make sure they're cared for. You wish you could give them security, safety, assurances, experience and care during this next phase of their new journey for as long as they need. The best gift you can give them, if you're unable to be there yourself, is the gift of a Postpartum Doula. Help is here. You're making a great choice!



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