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We were very nervous to have someone we didn’t know well in our house and around our newborn, but can’t imagine how we would have gotten through the first 5 months of our sons life without Heidi! After the first few minutes with Heidi we felt at ease, she has a calming presence and is so caring and nurturing. Liam is our first baby and we, like many new parents, were navigating big life changes and parenting decisions, Heidi was very supportive in our choices and helped us adjust to our “new normal”. Liam loved her and her games and songs, my husband loved that I had company and help around the house, and I loved having someone I could trust with my newborn outside my family. Would highly recommend Heidi to anyone looking for help and support through their 4th trimester and beyond, especially if you need support with feeding, sleep and postpartum emotions (who doesn’t?!).

- Sarah &  Michael w/ baby  L.

  • Expert on speed dial for all your parenting questions & concerns.
    15 min
    20 US dollars
  • Warm, educated professionals trained to care for you & your family.
    4 hr
    180 US dollars
  • Extensive breastfeeding experience. Compassionate. Certified.
    2 hr
    120 US dollars
  • Ideal for difficult recoveries. Help is here!
    62 hr
    1,860 US dollars
  • Perfect for first time parents & parent of multiples.
    34 hr
    1,190 US dollars
  • 3 Months of Help & Care During Your Babymoon. Our Most Flexible Plan.
    21 hr
    880 US dollars
  • Continued care from a known & trusted professional for Nest Families
    48 hr
    1,440 US dollars
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