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After having my 2nd child, I was wary of someone coming into my home during such a tender time. I knew I would be unable to muster the energy to direct anyone around and I was nervous to entertain a stranger. I was gifted the most memorable gift of all - Heidi. The minute I opened the door to Heidi, I wanted to cry from relief. Her kindness exuded from her eyes and the assured way she entered my home and immediately started to take care of me was so comforting. My days with Heidi quickly became my favorite. I used her for far longer than I thought because I didn’t want to say goodbye. During one of my most fragile periods of my life - she was there to take care of me (and my sweet newborn) in every sense of the word. She listened, she educated, she cooked amazing food and she took charge. Heidi is a kinder, gentler and more charismatic Mary Poppins for adults and babies and I’m so glad she was part of my life.

- Maggie with Baby I

"  We all need and deserve loving care, compassionate support, encouraging words, and solid gatekeeping when we're at our most vulnerable. To me, the postpartum time is a tender, raw and beautiful moment in a family's life. To be allowed into that inner circle is an honor and a privilege. As such I have a duty of care to ensure you and your family are ensconced in a nest of safety and warmth. I bring with me years of experience, training and education to provide you with emotional support and evidence based care during this time of epic change and discovery."


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Childbirth Internatinal Trauma Informed Professional
Birth Monopoly / Birth Advocacy
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